Northeast Asia feels the heat of Russo-China war games

In an extraordinary turn of events that could further escalate tensions in Northeast Asia, on July 23, warplanes of four countries were involved in a face off above one of the most politically sensitive areas in the region. The encounter occurred above the disputed islets of Dokdo, which are controlled by South Korea, but claimed by Japan as Takeshima. Tokyo and Seoul confirm that two Russian Tu-95 bombers, one Russian A-50 and two Chinese H-6 bombers entered the Korea Air Defence Identification Zone (KAIDZ). In an Air Defence Identification Zone, aircrafts are required to identify themselves, but in recent years, most countries in Northeast Asia have accused each other of failing to follow this protocol. South Korea’s F15 & F16 fighter jets fired 360 warning shots at the Beriev A-50, after it breached the airspace, which is claimed by both Tokyo and Seoul. Japan confirmed it scrambled fighter jets in response to the Russian incursion. Russia denied reports of wa

Fiery Souls in Love

We don't make sense, We must be crazy to think this could work. Fiery souls crash and burn, I hear. It is us that is the problem. It is me, It is you, It is these moments between you and I The stolen smiles, The lapses, the imperfections, And the gentle quandary That flutters the broken heart The entropy that ruins parallel lines, The perpendiculars that draw eye-rolls That disturbs logic. We are prone to burn out, Fade away senselessly, Refusing to follow the flow, Rebelling the dictum; We shall fall, bruise, fail eventually, And while the forces conspire our fate; I'll still be here my dear; In the now, Figuring this out. Disfiguring at times, confused, And yet bewildered, Smitten, Wondering if it is this magic between us, My darling, my sweet, That keeps the stars apart at night. P.S. Inspiration: I carry your heart by E.E. Cummings

I'd Like to Stay

I see you flaking, my darling, Waiting on another word, Counting on a longing moment. I'd like to stay, But would it be too soon to say? I hear you fall too hard, So now you've found a cloak, they say. Does indifference help? Can I borrow some too? Because I am loosing my imagination here, The ink refuses to let go, The sun and the stars are no more an inspiration. And the pen fails me at 2am, Even the constellations look like you.

Night and Day

Daylight breaks illusions, Of the night that was, Of the night that could be. Of the night that was meant to be. I hate daylight. I hate that it changes us, Makes us sane, Leaves you with the liberty to pretend That nothing happened, That emotions are too much drama Uncool, Uncouth. Forgive me, for I live for the nights, The nights the laptop came crashing on the couch I sat on, The nights where emotions ran naked, Fearlessly, Shamelessly. But goddamn you pulled the curtains off The day broke, The night sighed.

Goodbye, you.

Does it pain to know me better now? Now that I'm gone, After you shattered us into bits On my birthday, with a girl I never knew. Look at us, Trying our best to act busy, Ducking each other at concerts, Drawing blank stares from people we once knew. I see you lurking through my insta feeds, Does it pinch to know I'll be more me, Than you'll ever be. Because that night, Among the broken bits of us, Beyond the lies And the pretentious sweet nothings, I found me. And I hope she does too, Before you break her too.


The lanes we shared shy glances on, The houses we wished upon, The trees we imagined around that barren land, I walked through those memories today, Saw my yesterday transcend today, It must prick, when you think of me Or have you locked up memories like I do? Until a morning like this. But I pray, for you and for me That it isn't regret, but wonder That chances upon you, When you think of How we met worlds apart At 2am, in a cab, riding towards1987. Kamanahalli, 26 November, 2016

That Girl

Her, With the bottle green hair, The raspberry voice snare, The bubblegum delightful flair Was one crazy scare. You, With your luscious dark hair, Darker stare, Are a calmer share. It is peaceful, It is better, This is what I need. He says this and more. With every hour The comparisons grow deeper, The aches get louder. I sit across the chair, Holding back tears That rage in a storm Of stories untold And memories unfurled.